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2011 Whirlwind Tour
2011 Whirlwind Tour

2011 National HHC All American Whirlwind Tour

The 2011 Whirlwind tour was a great success but we hope to do more in the future.

Details concerning the 2011 Whirlwind Tour tour2011

Communities need people working to keep them together and they need virtuous unselfish activities to keep those bonds alive and growing.


Passover 2013

Missouri 2013 Spring Gathering

The Burning Bush 2012

First annual Burning Bush Festival


Passover 2012

2012 Passover Gatherings

Missouri 2012 Spring Gathering

Pentecost 2012

2012 Pentecost Gatherings

Fall Retreat Oregon

Festival of Tents at Summer Lake Oregon

Summer Lake meadow
Summer Lake meadow
Come to our Fall Retreat at His Church Retreat grounds in Summer Lake in Oregon for more fun and learning and fellowship.

More Details are at our website [1]

These gatherings are what you make of them. They are opportunities to come and work together.

We will be meeting on hundreds of acres of high desert sage and meadow campgrounds at the foot of Fremont Forest and next to Ana Reservoir with all who will come to our fall retreat for more details go to: [2] or you can join your local Living Networks[3] and they will assist you in finding out more and making contact or even getting rides in carpools or caravans.

Fall Retreat Missouri

Festival of Tents at Jarvis Family Homestead

2011 Fall Retreat Missouri Photos

Cothern Pictures of the 2011 HHC Tabernacles Gathering at Lake of the Oaks, Missouri

Bethke Pictures of the 2011 HHC Tabernacles Gathering at Lake of the Oaks, Missouri

Jarvis Pictures of the 2011 HHC Tabernacles Gathering at Lake of the Oaks, Missouri

Image:DC pic 6.jpg

Image:DC pic 5.jpg

  • Retreat dates: Friday, September 30, 2011 - Sunday, October 2, 2011.

A message from the patriarch of the host family, Brent Jarvis:

My family is hosting a Fall gathering for anyone in HHC who cannot make it to Oregon. I'd like to get a sense of the level of interest for something like that. Is it something anyone would like to come to. What would you be interested in doing if you could come? It's always a tremendous joy to meet others in HHC face to face and be able to share a time of fellowship. I'm thinking about a 3 day weekend probably Friday 9/30 - Sunday 10/2, to somewhat match up with Tabernacles. We've got a place for camping, and there is a hotel within 15 minutes of our place for anyone not interested in "roughing it".

Please let me know if this is something that might interest you. If there's enough interest, we'll start making plans. We're located in Northeast Missouri w/in minutes of Iowa and Illinois. Canton, Missouri is the closest town with a hotel, Although Keokuk,Iowa is only a few minutes further.

Many families from around the HHC Indiana region have have already R.S.V.P to let the Jarvis family know that they plan on attending the gathering. If your family is planning on attending please RSVP to asap

Food and Meal Planning Suggestions

HHC Indiana Google Map with Missouri Fall Retreat information

"GREEN TENT" icon is the location of the gathering.

"RED BED" icons are information and links to area motels, hotels and B&Bs

"GREEN CAMPFIRES" and "BLUE BUSES" are area campgrounds and RV parks for folks that do not wish to primitive camp on the Jarvis homestead.

  • It is our understanding that the Comfort Inn in Canton, Missouri is already booked for that weekend due to a local college homecoming, but there are many other accommodations available for those that do not wish to camp out on the Jarvis homestead.

More Information regarding the Missouri Fall Retreat can be found by visiting the HHC Indiana Region Google Group. Fall Retreat threads are pinned to the top of the discussion board.

His Church at Loess Hills will be have available at the Missouri Fall Retreat lots of HHC study materials: spiral bound books, stitched booklets, DVDs, audio and MP3 CDs, free will offerings humbly and graciously accepted.




Volunteers and Organizers

Tour Kit and Protocol

Arranging the tour-tips and ideas from Talkshoe... [4]

Tour Kit Outline

Google Maps Help

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