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South Central

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Azle (near Dallas/Fort Worth), Texas
Debbie is a freedom loving mom of one teenage son and wife of Douglas. Her background is in education and helping others. Their lives have been dedicated to serving our Lord and Master, Jesus Christ, learning better how to serve Him. With the discovery of HHC, they endeavor to walk the precepts of God. They know that the coming together with fellow followers is a necessary part of that adventure and they are dedicated to serving those that would put their trust in His glory.

Debbie: email ddandk at rocketmail dot com Phone: 817-two70-2240

Central Texas
I am caretaker of TRT ministries, a Mathew 23 mission, a privacy advocate, activist, wayseer and truthseeker desiring to help like-minded lovers of liberty to restore everyone born of a mother back to his property and possessions and their actions and soul to the Great Creator. Feel free to contact me if I can be of assistance, or company, in your travels on this wondrous mind-boggling big blue space ball hurling through the galaxy.

Northeast Texas
I was raised in World Wide Church of God--Sabbath keepers and no unclean meats--so I started out with a slightly different view of the world. My family then moved on to mainline churchanity with a fondness for all things charismatic. I grew more and more disenchanted with it all and left behind the entire scene when I quit my last job on Y2K--I had worked the at the largest "Christian" camp in the U.S. for the previous 4.5 years. I've been a comfortable hermit ever since.
In 2011, I was exposed to the HHC article on Marriage v Holy Matrimony which confirmed my thoughts on the subject. As a single guy, I had committed to never seeking government approval (through a marriage license) for my marriage. It was good to know that there was potentially a girl out there who had reached the same conclusion--based on a moral perspective rather than a "loose" one. I've been methodically devouring every HHC-related MP3 file ever since. I see the HHC approach as the "unifying theory" that brings a huge level of practicality to the whole Bible and has the potential of creating a people who are truly separate from the world's system of government...in it, but not of it. Contact me at eathawk ãt gmail døt com

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Near Brownsville

  • Thomas
  • Thomas is volunteering to be a personal contact minister in the rio grande valley near Brownsville:
Hello, my name is Thomas. I’ve been seeking the truth since the very first remembrances I’ve had in this life. Regrettably, I rejected my Father’s first calling me to follow Him when I was ~12 years old with the words, ‘No, I’m going to have fun in this life’!
My ‘fun’ ended at the precipice of committing suicide with the words, ‘If there is a god up there who cares, HELP!’
Today, by His grace, I’m here to help fellow truth-seekers find the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. The last 36 years of following Him has lead me through the corporate church serving the kingdom of USA until He called me to ‘come out of her’, and, a few false starts later, I found His Holy Church.
Brother Gregory’s research/teaching is the most well researched and enlightened outside-the-box thinking I’ve come across in my search for the truth.
Today, I seek the way, the truth and the life who is Yahuwshua Meshiach.
Privately, I owned an arborist/landscaping business which I used to transform 30 acres of land from a depleted worn-out soil to a sub tropical paradise with fruit & citrus trees, gardens, cattle and chickens. My passion is growing clean, healthy food while living free on the land. The opportunity to live by the perfect law of liberty is here now in God’s kingdom and He has given me the opportunity to offer/help other like-minded fiercely independent truth seekers of the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Let us come together by free will assembly.
Contact me at brotherthomashhc@gmail.com or via nine-five-six 9902033.

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