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Sioux Falls, South Dakota and over the road
Greetings, I'm David Cothern. I'm a truck driver from Sioux Falls,South Dakota. I stay in Sioux Falls when I'm "home". I'm single with no children. When I came across HHC, I knew right away that I was being exposed to the truth. How simple to see when our eyes have been opened. My heart yearns to bring the truth to others, and to help in any way God allows me to.
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Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin

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Serving God in Minnesota and where ever He calls. God has blessed us with a growing fellowship in Southeast sub-burbs of the Twin Cities. Men and women are being raised up that are filled with God's Spirit willing to do His work. As God gathers His Church and forms it we marvel at His goodness. Our congregational worship assemblies are based on home Church where several families gather together and worship God. More people in the Church means another home Church will come forth. We are His people called by His name desiring to live under Him in faith, hope, charity, grace and most of all His love. We look forward to hearing from you as you “Seek First the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness”!
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North Dakota

This is Michael at North Dakota. My son and I live on a small farm attempting to become self-sufficient someday. A lot to learn. God is good and leads His flock.

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Husband to Lisa. Father of four. Just celebrated our 25th anniversary. Eeking out my living servicing computers in all ways. I have been seeking the TRUTH for many years, and my search has lead me to His Holy Church. My path has been political. But the spiritual part of me agrees, in my heart, this is the right place to be and the right way to be living. Paul's email: Paul at BethkeFamily dot com Phone: 414 area code 467-9978
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