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Medical Care

There are two books published by the Hesperian Foundation , available either as free download, or as soft cover printed editions, which may be invaluable in places and situations where professional medical care is not readily available, such as in some remote areas of third world countries.

The first, "Where there is no Doctor", is a basic yet quite comprehensive guide to medical care to at least stabilize a person until professional care can be given, with an emphasis on making the most of local resources.

The second, "Where there is no Dentist", gives not only instructions for preventative oral care, but instructions and illustrations for corrective care as well.

It should go without saying that neither book should be used for diagnostic advice or for the treatment of any condition where professional medical care may be needed and is available.

Both books are available in English as well as other languages, and may be downloaded here:

There are also other titles available that may be of interest in maintaining or improving the health of a remote small community.


Perhaps the oldest of digitized library efforts, Project Gutenberg has an ever expanding library of public domain titles. There are 33,000 titles in the Gutenberg repository at last count, available as text files, HTML, or as Kindle or e-pub formats. Accessing their affiliates, there are over 100,000 public domain book titles available for free download.

As with all such offerings, it is only fair that you should freely give to those who also freely give, and consider a donation if you use their services.

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