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Preparing University Community Portal

Welcome to the Community Portal. This is the place to find out what is happening on Preparing University MediaWiki site. Learn what tasks need to be done, what groups there are to join, and get or post news about recent events or current activities taking place on Preparing University MediaWiki.

We will be expanding our staff [that would be you] based on performance, dediction, fruits, and aptitude.

Sign up with your own [account.] You can start contributing right now.

We need contributors, monitors, [bureaucrats and sysops]

Help:Editing [From Meta]

Wikipedia: [How to edit a page]

Sign up for the [Preparing U Newsletter]

To learn more about how this system there is a good refference at [Wiki Manual]

There will be much to do and many hands makes the burden lighter.

You might be looking for...

Help with an aspect of Preparing University MediaWiki: See the help page for documentation,[User Guide]

The wiki is organic like the real world. People will bump and grind and coalesce on a wiki site. Anyone can add to it, edit it and expound upon it. Anyone can write a short perceptive take on the facts and fallacy of a particular subject or topic or opinions... Unlike most email groups the wiki makes a record that can be clarifie and improve.

There will be some oversight but only as a team. The first thing we block or remove is ad hominem approaches.We o not mind personal opinion but we want facts as well.

One author puts and defends an opinion and another puts a counter opinion and seeks to support it. Personally it is not so much a destination as a road to travel.

Answers for questions about factual topics: please visit Preparing University MediaWiki reference desk.

A place to discuss things with other users: The Village Green is Preparing University MediaWiki main discussion forum, with sections covering policy, technical, proposals, assistance, and miscellaneous topics. Coming Soon!

A place to resolve disputes: for content disputes, Preparing University MediaWiki Village Court. Coming Soon!

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