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Do you want to volunteer to be a PCM?


Current List of PCM Volunteers

Volunteers Can be elected by: CLICKING THIS LINK


  • Thomas
Volunteer PCM for Texas, near Brownsville
  • Thomas is volunteering to be a personal contact minister in the rio grande valley near Brownsville:
Hello, my name is Thomas. I’ve been seeking the truth since the very first remembrances I’ve had in this life. Regrettably, I rejected my Father’s first calling me to follow Him when I was ~12 years old with the words, ‘No, I’m going to have fun in this life’!
My ‘fun’ ended at the precipice of committing suicide with the words, ‘If there is a god up there who cares, HELP!’
Today, by His grace, I’m here to help fellow truth-seekers find the Kingdom of God and His righteousness. The last 36 years of following Him has lead me through the corporate church serving the kingdom of USA until He called me to ‘come out of her’, and, a few false starts later, I found His Holy Church.
Brother Gregory’s research/teaching is the most well researched and enlightened outside-the-box thinking I’ve come across in my search for the truth.
Today, I seek the way, the truth and the life who is Yahuwshua Meshiach.
Privately, I owned an arborist/landscaping business which I used to transform 30 acres of land from a depleted worn-out soil to a sub tropical paradise with fruit & citrus trees, gardens, cattle and chickens. My passion is growing clean, healthy food while living free on the land. The opportunity to live by the perfect law of liberty is here now in God’s kingdom and He has given me the opportunity to offer/help other like-minded fiercely independent truth seekers of the kingdom of God and His righteousness. Let us come together by free will assembly.
Contact me at brotherthomashhc@gmail.com or via nine-five-six 9902033.

Utah, Salt Lake City

  • Elijah Sun is volunteering to be a personal contact minister in and around greater Salt Lake City, Utah elijahsunlight at gmail dot com.


  • Martha Coffee

I am an hour below Memphis. I would like to make myself available as a personal contact minister volunteer in case there are brothers and sisters out there needing more contact. Oh, and at the same time, would like to express my thankfulness for my contact minister from Arkansas, Elisheba! She asked me if I would like to be an assistant PCM, and work together with her, especially for those in our South Central (Texas) group.

Through faith in Yahweh's commands and promises and with the strength of His Son's spirit of truth, comfort and guidance, it is my hope to help others; and that together we may be made worthy to escape the coming plagues. I'm thankful for all who are laying their lives aside for others as we assemble our selves to tend the neglected duties, the weightier matters of Yah's law... I can be reached by calling 228-217-7six25. Email: marthacoffee@gmail.com

We can't forsake assembling ourselves together. Come on, brothers and sisters, His Kingdom is flat. No hierarchical authority here, just Yah! So let's hold hands and connect the dots. We can be this altar unto Him only by connecting ourselves together. We can start by just showing up! So, I am here. Love to hear from anyone seeking the precepts of how things ought to be. In Faith, Martha


  • David-Ray Harriott
[1] Hi, my name is David-Ray. I'm a wannabe farmer on my mother's farm. The farm is about 16 miles east of Lee's Summit between Lone Jack and Kingsville in Missouri. When i'm not experimenting and studying on the farm i frequent Lee's Summit, Independence Missouri and sometimes Kansas City. Places where i meet friends to discuss various projects from building rocket mass heaters, raised bed gardening and earth sheltered construction, to name a few.
My goal in volunteering to become a primary contact minister is to help build the kingdom. That there might be more of us ready to help our fellow man both now and in the future.
If you would like to contact me to be your PCM or even to talk about other things I can be reached by cell: 816-572-7394. If i don't answer please leave a short message and i usually get back to you with in the day. Or i can also be reached by e-mail: DavidRayHarriott@gmail.com.


  • Charley Scarborough
We moved to a small ranch near Devils Tower Wyoming in August 2011 following our retirement and 4 yrs on the road as fulltime RV'ers. This gave my wife Sheila and I time to enjoy the sites and ponder why so much of what goes on in the world makes so little sense. In addition to the amazing answers we got to our questions we discovered HHC while seeking the Kingdom of God. At this point we're preparing for the challenging times we expect to come and hoping to help other realize we must seek ye first the Kingdom of God!

Contact Charley: Charley_AC7LU at hughes dot net; Phone: 307-two five seven-six seven eight nine.


  • Rob Hansen

After much reflection and prayer I humbly offer my services as a PCM hailing from West Kentucky. Me, my wife Tracy and our 6 home schooled daughters and son live on our farm just outside the Land Between the Lakes recreation area located between Kentucky and Barkley lakes. We try and live off the land as much as possible having mixed success and much trial and error. I have been working as a Health Physics Technologist at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant for the past 19 years and while blessed to have a good job through difficult times I long to sever my ties with the corporate enfranchised world. Long ago I became deluded with organized religion after taking the time to actually read my Bible from cover to cover. This started me on a journey to acquire knowledge that will undoubtedly follow me throughout my days. I stumbled upon the HHC website as I was researching birth certificates and their purpose prior to the birth of my son. This ultimately led me to record the birth of my son through the ministry of HHC in lieu of offering him up to Nimrod and to also form a Sacred Purpose Trust with other families through His Church at Loess Hills. I have since completed reading the writings and books offered through HHC. Much of the information was familiar to me and it was refreshing to find another out there who had come to the same conclusions. To my surprise, I found a network of individuals being called out from the world that believed the same. Our family attended the fall gathering in Missouri in 2011 and made many new friends, this led us to return again this spring of 2012. It was during this last gathering that I made the decision that I must offer my services to help build His Kingdom in preparation for the Messiahs impending return and those things that are coming upon the earth. I can be contacted at 270-nine two eight-3710 or emailed via shryyy@gmail.com

New York

i would like to notify folks of my desire and intent to become a PCM/Personal Contact Minister. There has been one common thread running through my life from the time i was 3 when i cried out to G-d with all of my little heart, eyes streaming, asking to know Him: the overwhelming desire to follow Hashem. The problem however was that i had absolutely no idea how to. It's been 39 years since i first asked G-d to show me how to live my life according to his statutes (not quite put that way. At 3 it was more like "Waah, i don't know G-d and i want to. Waah" Actually i think that about sums up the rest of my 39 years till meeting HHC) Well here i am stunned to, after all this time, finally find my feet on terra firma KNOWING the how of walking according to Hashem's ways. Amazing. And what else can i do but help folks anyway i can? i currently live in Saugerties, NY. In a few weeks i am planning to head out to Summer Lake with Nitsan-Parach and our boy. i'm not sure where we will land after that but i will be reachable either way via cell phone and email. My cell number is (845)332-6016, My land line in Saugerties is (845)247-3789 and my email is tsuwtsparach@aol.com


  • David Garton

After having been on the email group for a while, it's my hope that I can help folks connect with other like-minded individuals. My experience with HHC so far has been very rewarding and I have met many Kingdom-minded people that I otherwise would have never met. I have volunteered to be a personal contact minister and I live in Dickson Tennessee and can be contacted via davidgarton@bellsouth.net or cell phone 615 five one nine 2896.

Volunteers Can be elected by: CLICKING THIS LINK

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This group serves Southern American Hemisphere including Mexico. HHC South America

Husband to Lisa. Father of four. Just celebrated our 25th anniversary. Eeking out my living servicing computers in all ways. I have been seeking the TRUTH for many years, and my search has lead me to His Holy Church. My path has been political. But the spiritual part of me agrees, in my heart, this is the right place to be and the right way to be living. Paul's email: Paul at BethkeFamily dot com Phone: 414 area code 467-9978

Africa Network

This group serves all Africa, Madagascar and Seychelles Islands. HHC Africa

Husband to Lisa. Father of four. Just celebrated our 25th anniversary. Eeking out my living servicing computers in all ways. I have been seeking the TRUTH for many years, and my search has lead me to His Holy Church. My path has been political. But the spiritual part of me agrees, in my heart, this is the right place to be and the right way to be living. Paul's email: Paul at BethkeFamily dot com Phone: 414 area code 467-9978

Asia Network

This group serves all of Asia and India. HHC Asia

Hi I’m Mark from Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. I am a single man and was born in 1974 to Italian and Maltese immigrants, and presently work in the precious metals industry. After seeking truth for many years I have been blessed by Christ through His Holy Church to understand that the liberty to give freely and to not take what is not mine which is His Righteousness is one of the main keys to the kingdom of God. I have come to realize by His Holy Spirit and through the materials provided here and that appear in scripture that the kingdom of God was and is an actual government with Jesus as it’s King, with a real economy and other mechanisms designed by God to far exceed any attempt by man to provide for the health, welfare, education, and general well being, prosperity and life of humanity which the modern “church” seems to know nothing about. This is the Way of Christ that is being revealed to me and I believe will be revealed to the whole world in time to come.

Europe Network

This group serves Great Britain, Scandinavia, Europe through Northern Russia. HHC Europe

Married with 3 children, I want to see HHC network grow. It is time for action, "the treasure of the kingdom is the people". We now have to learn how to come together!I am here serve you all as a contact minister, but I am not your leader. I am just a contact point in the larger network. It is up to all of us to make contact, create bonds and build a solid network here in Oregon and across the country and around the world. I look forward to meeting you all one day.

Middle East Network

This group serves All countries between Europe, Eastern Europe, and Africa. HHC Middle East

I began a slow jaunt across the U.S. in August, 2011 from New York (where I discovered the HHC website less than a month prior) to meet with "HHC-ers" and still arrive at Summer Lake, Oregon early enough to help with preparations for that year's Fall Festival beginning the last weekend of September. Since that time, I've met with plenty of HHC-ers all across the mid-northern states from New York to Summer Lake, Oregon, down through California to Arizona, to Summer Lake again, and then all the way back to Iowa as of the time of this writing.

I've learned quite a bit, mostly about myself, like just how little I know and how so very much more there is to learn - and to unlearn! But more than anything, I've learned the full gospel's foundational to whatever else we're needing to learn - and that there's no better way to learn than by...DOING. I aim to go wherever to pass on all I'm learning, and learn more from the doers I visit, and pass that on too. So, if you're wanting to learn, and do, and pass things along yourself......then feel free to contact me either by phone: (417) 399-6097 or email: wearecarefree@hotmail.com - and let's DO it together!

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