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Pacific North West

Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Montana, Washington, Wyoming Google Map

HHC Pacific Northwest Map

Join the Network in Pacific Northwest, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming

HHC Pacific Northwest

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His Church at Summer Lake

Sponsors of The Burning Bush Fall Festival


HHC Ministers at White Rock

The Order at White Rock, Oregon, Summer Lake

  • Brother Gregory[1]
Married with 6 children, I want to help people understand and seek the kingdom of God at hand and His righteousness and believe that the best way to do that is build the HHC network. You are "the treasure of the kingdom". We must be diligent in seeking the ways of the LORD. Repent and seek God and His righteousness by serving one another as the Lord served us. Begin to make contact by choosing a Personal Contact Minister, in love.

Oregon, Summer Lake

Married with 3 children, I want to see HHC network grow. It is time for action, "the treasure of the kingdom is the people". We now have to learn how to come together!I am here serve you all as a contact minister, but I am not your leader. I am just a contact point in the larger network. It is up to all of us to make contact, create bonds and build a solid network here in Oregon and across the country and around the world. I look forward to meeting you all one day.

Join the Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming network http://groups.google.com/group/HHCOregon

Europe Network This group serves Great Britain, Scandinavia, Europe through Northern Russia. http://groups.google.com/group/hhceurope

The UnNumbered Forum

  • Alicia
Married with 3 children. There are a growing number of parents that have chosen to not volunteer to obtain SSN's for their children. I started the UnNumbered Forum to give those that have never had a SSN a place to meet and talk together. These individuals face the unique situation of deciding as adults to get a number or learning to live in a world that is becoming increasingly exclusionary to those without the numbers. Everyone that has never had a number is welcome.

Join the UnNumbered Forum [2]

His Church at Wilsonville

His Holy Church

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The HHC Living Network

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