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This, the Northeast (Connecticut, New York, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont) Region Communities Page, is the page to go to for posting or for finding out what's happening in the entire region - until the individual states are able to stand on their own - at which time the state's section will be make into a page itself.

This is a work-in-progress, and is to be added to whenever, by whomever. Please make your contribution(s) at the appropriate place(s) within the most suitable state's section or make an appropriate section for that state. Thank you.)



New York

Mid-Hudson Valley/Catskill Mountain Region

A Special Gathering of Three Times Two--Wednesday April 4th, 2012

Nitsan-Parach and I traveled to Graterford Maximum Security Prison in Collegeview, Pennsylvania to visit former PCM in good standing from Pennsylvania; Alex Forbes. Alex was extremely grateful to see us for we are his first visitors since his arrival September 2011. Although we had never met Alex before a bond quickly formed in the four hours we spent together as we all had HHC in common.In this difficult situation Alex is spending his time reading a variety of spiritual books as well as his one book from Brother Gregory (Higher Liberty) that he says he read five times. Alex says that he has joined a couple of Bible Study groups and has attempted to talk about his understanding of Kingdom precepts to others. He was able to get one person to consider what he was talking about. Alex did tell us how much he appreciates receiving mail and being kept updated on the going-on of HHC. His address is Alex Forbes, KB 5406, Box 244, Graterford, PA 19426-0244. It was an interesting and sad experience for me to visit Alex in Graterford but grateful to have had it. We returned back home through New Jersey in order to visit Tina. We met at McDonald's and updated each other on our lives. We also were able to discuss our understandings of the function of a CoR. This conversation will continue after we both review The Free Church Report. It was great to see Tina again as we were reminded of the good time we had (first time we ever met)at the gathering at my home a few weeks back. And the nine hours in the car with Nitsan-Parach(at least 2 of which we were lost looking for cheap gas, ice cream, and me not understanding the British voice of his GPS) was a lot of laughs.

Another Mini Gathering-Sunday March 11th, 2012

This mini gathering was a bit larger than the last one on Nov. 26, 2011; with the wonderful addition of my PCM Nitsan-Parach, a friend of HHC N.F, and a long time member of HHC (since 2008) who never before today met others of the HHC in person, T from New Jersey. Nitsan-Parach arrived a few weeks prior to help me paint my home to get ready for the gathering. T. arrived the day before which allowed us some time to get to know each other. And we did through working together in the preparation of meals. T. made some delicious pancakes for us for breakfast (see Nitsan-Parach's family page for pictures). Everyone (C.and D. from Vermont, B. from Long Island, G. from Connecticut) were an hour late as the time changed had occurred (moved clock ahead) the evening before. One after the other each one called to apologize for being late which resulted in everyone being on time. We sat and talked, ate, exchanged ideas, debated, sometimes to a exasperated tone, but all in love and fellowship. Everyone did agree that no matter what our current differences were, we do need to come together in faith, hope and charity. Thank you to all of you for traveling the miles of road to bridge and strengthen the bonds of the Northeast community.

A Gathering of Three--Saturday March 3rd, 2012

On Saturday afternoon Nitsan-Parach and I took the two hour ride to visit Nancy F. for the first time; a friend of HHC. I had met Nancy a few months ago on the email when I was searching for others in my area. Nancy considers herself to be a Sabbath keeper and had been unable to attend the gathering at my home prior. At her request,the next gathering will take place on Sunday as to enable Nancy to attend. Upon our arrival we were greeted with a warm hug and a delicious gourmet meal prepared with all organic foods. We joked about the organic straw Nancy had provided Nitsan-Parach with for his glass of water. We talked for many hours about ourselves and our differences but more importantly what we had in common. We agreed that loving our neighbor as much as ourselves was a common thread that would allow us to call each other "friend". Thank you Nancy for your gracious hospitality and to Nitsan-Parach for his companionship on the ride.

A Mini Gathering

It was a beautiful Saturday morning (Nov. 26th,2011) when Claude and Diane from Vermont, Gordon from Connecticut and Bob from Long Island gathered at my home (Isabelle) in New Paltz NY to share a meal in friendship. It was wonderful for me to be together with others to listen to Brother Gregory on the Liberty Live radio show. We shared a meal and discussion of Kingdom precepts and how they are lived out. I got to show Bob and Gordon some of my favorite spots in the Shawangunk Mountains. After sharing a delicious dessert and some personal testimonies; it was late in the evening and there was a long ride home for Bob and Gordon. I look forward to continued sharing and the growth of our relationships towards the building of the Kingdom. A sincere thanks goes out to Claude, Diane, Gordon and Bob.



New Hampshire

Rhode Island


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