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...North East and California PCMs gather in New York...

Isabelle and Nitsan Parach gathered on Saturday at Nancy's between 3 and 4p.m. for an afternoon gnosh (Cheese and crackers) and dinner ("something light, elegant, and able to be prepped the day before... Italian Wedding Soup, cappellini with two sauce choices [creamy garlic mushroom and fresh tomato basil garlic], and a simple baby romaine salad lightly dressed with olive oil and red wine vinegar. For dessert, fresh strawberries with a brown sugar and maple cream sauce. All organic, of course :) Everything can be pretty much done the night before and just assembled on the table for Sabbath dinner")...

I could extol any one of Nancy's many qualities and accomplishments (for example: just look at the dessert she prepared - and it's presentation - and even the arrangement and angle in the photo she snapped off when the one I had taken failed to capture the "'flavor' of the dessert"), but what impressed me most is her heart for hospitality (an aspect of the heart of Abraham) - and her humility...

So much for the Gourmet section of the Living Network News.

No one will ever claim Nancy doesn't know what she believes - and why; and yet she is so quick to agree none of us have it all down pat, or that any of us can't learn something new or the same thing more excellently - and that - while we should never have anyone between us and the Creator God of Scripture, or even just swallow any ol' thing someone spouts off; we ought always remain open to the spirit of The Holy One to lead us on to maturity, and that that may very well come from (an)other seeker(s) striving to enter the kingdom (or even an ol' ass - should we ever grow dull of hearing otherwise)...

Further, in Nancy's own words from an email she sent to Isabelle after our time together, and I quote, "You'll find I'm very passionate about my beliefs, but I also believe that such differences shouldn't keep us from working together for the betterment of the kingdom." (No finer an expression of kingdom heart was ever spoken [flesh and blood did not reveal THAT to you, Nancy].)

I look forward to many other times spent together with you, Nancy, whether at your place again, at Isabelle's for the gathering with others in the Northeast next week on March 11th, and/or elsewhere striving for, as you so aptly put it, "the betterment of the kingdom."


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