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South Central

Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas Google Map

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Join the Network in South Central: Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas

HHC South Central

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South of Memphis

  • Martha Coffee

I am an hour below Memphis. I would like to make myself available as a personal contact minister volunteer in case there are brothers and sisters out there needing more contact. Oh, and at the same time, would like to express my thankfulness for my contact minister from Arkansas, Elisheba! She asked me if I would like to be an assistant PCM, and work together with her, especially for those in our South Central (Texas) group.

Through faith in Yahweh's commands and promises and with the strength of His Son's spirit of truth, comfort and guidance, it is my hope to help others; and that together we may be made worthy to escape the coming plagues. I'm thankful for all who are laying their lives aside for others as we assemble our selves to tend the neglected duties, the weightier matters of Yah's law... I can be reached by calling 228-217-7six25. Email: marthacoffee@gmail.com

We can't forsake assembling ourselves together. Come on, brothers and sisters, His Kingdom is flat. No hierarchical authority here, just Yah! So let's hold hands and connect the dots. We can be this altar unto Him only by connecting ourselves together. We can start by just showing up! So, I am here. Love to hear from anyone seeking the precepts of how things ought to be. In Faith, Martha

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