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This is a Research page designed to collect your input for marketing efforts we are currently developing to promote the Kingdom in various local markets. Each link below will take you to an advertisement that has been designed to reach a slightly different target market. In order to participate in this little study, please click on each link below and then post your comments on the discussion board for each ad. Look at the top of each page and you'll see a group of tabs. One of those tabs will say "discussion". Click the discussion tab and leave your comments for each ad. Here are some questions to answer on the discussion page for each ad:

  • Do you like this ad? Does it appeal to you?
  • Would you likely respond to this ad?
  • What about the ad would attract you or turn you away?
  • Is the offer something that would interest you?


AD 1 Back to Basics Advertisement

AD 2 SPARK Advertisement

AD 3 LIBERTY Advertisement

AD 4 CHANGE Advertisement

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