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Networking with others of like mind is one of the most important skills of societies that have faced hard times.


Regular Local Gatherings

Where are their meetings

Up Coming Scheduled Living Network Gatherings

Rockford, Illinois Gathering 2/2/2012

2012 Burning Bush Festival


We have an annual Fall Festival here in Summer Lake which coincides with the purposes of the Feast of Tabernacles or Feast of Tents. We will welcome people who wish to camp with us for all or part of that period top share their personal witness and love for the kingdom Christ told us to preach.

It is the last days of September up to the first part of October during. If you would like to entertain, teach or preach please contact us and make arrangements. [1]

Start your registration process [2]

2013 Passover Gatherings

Missouri 2013 Spring Gathering

2012 Passover Gatherings

2012 Passover Gatherings

Missouri 2012 Spring Gathering

2012 Pentecost Gatherings

2012 Pentecost Gatherings

June 6th Milwaukee to tour Growing Power, Inc.

Monday June 6th, 2011

We have the Growing Power Meet in Milwaukee on June 6th

HHC Growing Power, Inc. Private Tour:

When: Monday June 6th, 2011 at 2:00pm CDT

Where: Growing Power, Inc. 5500 W. Silver Spring Drive, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Price for tour is $10.00 per individual.

No audio or video recording is allowed: however, still photography is allowed during the tour.

I do not know who or how many people attended the June 6th tour at Growing Power. I was unfortunately laid up for over four days with a flu like virus at the home of my in-laws while on vacation. Even our family dog, Yasha, developed diarreha for several days. I have not had that much fun on a vacation since our 1976 family vacation camping in Arkansas where I spent several days suffering from a nasty strain of flu.

Please accept my sincerest apologizes for any inconvenience my illness might have caused.


Scott at Loess Hills

June 12th Pennsylvania Group 1st Pentecost Celebration

June 12th from 10am - 4 pm

Monogalia County 4-H Camp (a.k.a. Camp Muffly)

ph. # (304) 284 8484 1477 Four H Camp Rd., Morgantown, WV (Pavilion 3) June 12, 10 AM - 4 pm you may come earlier and stay later!

Pavilion is covered in the event of rain, there are charcoal grills on site. Pavilion is next to a small playground. Discussions of pages from the Free Church Report (CoR's) are on the agenda. Regional concerns and goals should be discussed, established. It is also considered a special season for simple networking of a greater area.

Ideas for you: Everyone is encouraged to bring food or anything else they want, though food will be covered and is not necessary. (Bring your place settings.) A couple folks are bringing guitars, etc. I am bringing a couple of boxes of related books, some I can let go, some I can't; and probably a flag or two... If you will at least show up, you have fulfilled the instruction "not to appear empty-handed."  :)

Here are a few nearby hotels should you need them:

Applewood Bed & Breakfast (304) 296.2607 (10 min.)
1749 Smithtown Rd., Morgantown, WV

Comfort Inn (304) 296.9364 (8 min.) 225 Comfort Inn Dr., Morgantown, WV

EconoLodge (304) 599.8181 (15 min.) 3506 Monongahela Blvd., Morgantown, WV

Shalom and we hope to see you on the Feast of Weeks!

July 9th thru Sun. July 17th, 2011 Blue Mountain in Oregon Camping Fellowship

Beginning on Sat. July 9th thru Sun. July 17th, 2011 Northeast Oregon Blue_Mountain_Retreat_Schedule

Join the Living Network

Living Network Index page: [3] Find and JOIN your Local Living Network The American States and Canada [4]

Find a local group World Map Locator: Find a local Living Network Group around the world [5]

Abraham because of his network of living altars of charity was able to muster an army overnight to defeat five kings that had ravaged the country and destroyed many of the local city states.

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