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Kentucky PCMs

PCM Volunteer for Kentucky: Rob Hansen

Rob Hansen

After much reflection and prayer I humbly offer my services as a PCM hailing from West Kentucky. Me, my wife Tracy and our 6 home schooled daughters and son live on our farm just outside the Land Between the Lakes recreation area located between Kentucky and Barkley lakes. We try and live off the land as much as possible having mixed success and much trial and error. I have been working as a Health Physics Technologist at the Paducah Gaseous Diffusion Plant for the past 19 years and while blessed to have a good job through difficult times I long to sever my ties with the corporate enfranchised world. Long ago I became deluded with organized religion after taking the time to actually read my Bible from cover to cover. This started me on a journey to acquire knowledge that will undoubtedly follow me throughout my days. I stumbled upon the HHC website as I was researching birth certificates and their purpose prior to the birth of my son. This ultimately led me to record the birth of my son through the ministry of HHC in lieu of offering him up to Nimrod and to also form a Sacred Purpose Trust with other families through His Church at Loess Hills. I have since completed reading the writings and books offered through HHC. Much of the information was familiar to me and it was refreshing to find another out there who had come to the same conclusions. To my surprise, I found a network of individuals being called out from the world that believed the same. Our family attended the fall gathering in Missouri in 2011 and made many new friends, this led us to return again this spring of 2012. It was during this last gathering that I made the decision that I must offer my services to help build His Kingdom in preparation for the Messiahs impending return and those things that are coming upon the earth. I can be contacted at 270-nine two eight-3710 or emailed via

Other HHC Living Network PCMs serving Kentucky and the Mid-West region:

Rockford, Illinois

Anthony Shaw
Husband to Juanita and father of two daughters. My Father YHWH has led me on a journey to know the whole truth, to come out of babylon and to set the captives free. My desire is to confirm to Yahushua's teachings and to be a living pillar of truth in a government established by Him. My path has led me from the doctrines of men to knowing the desire of my Creator wanting me to know Him in spirit and in truth. I am continually repenting and have an ear to hear my Father lead me into all righteousness. I would like to see this network grow into a fruitful tree where liberty, charity and truth remain the essential elements of a free society.

Lake of the Oaks, Missouri


My wife and I have been together for over twenty years. We have four children...17, 15, 3, and 18 months. I started realizing about eight or nine years ago that things weren't quite right in our society. I couldn't put my finger on it, but after spending several years reading history lessons and studying scripture, I determined to follow a different path than the one I had been on. We moved our family to the country, got out of debt, and started learning how to be more self-sufficient or more properly...depending more on our Father for provision & protection. That sometimes seems a bit messy as we're trying to shed the ways of man. Scripture counsels us to be long suffering/patient, wise and harmless. His commandments are summarized by 1) Love God and 2) Love eachother. I'm starting to understand that there is an alternative to the governments of man. It's His way that's outlined in scripture if we're willing to step away from the paradigm society has trained us in. We'd like to find or be found by others in Missouri who are motivated by the same things. We're determined to order our lives now in the ways of our Father and to strive for His favor and seek His mercy as we take two steps forward and one step back. You can contact me via email at creativeimpactatcenturyteldotnet.

Glenwood, Iowa

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