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Faith Emergency Ministry Auxiliary

We believe that the Church in the first century and for centuries to follow was the Faith Emergency Ministry Auxiliary of, for and by the people in a network of volunteers who actually did the will of the Father.

There were lots of people around who called themselves benefactors but they exercised authority one over the other to obtain the funds to aid and benefit society. These forced contributions by something called government was not the only form of government in man's history.

This idea of one class of citizen forcing another to contribute in a common purse is actually rare in man's history according to numerous historians today.

This idea of taking from your neighbor to provide even good benefits for the people was forbidden by Christ and in truth also by Moses and Abraham and even Buddha but the modern societies and religions and belief systems of that day and today think it is okay to covet their neighbor's goods to get what they desire as long as you do it through government.

We do not.

We believe that mankind has another option when it comes to government and governing themselves and diligent students of history will and have found that alternative. During times of natural and social disasters men will often discover the practicality of coming together for the sake of each other, but to do that before an emergency or disaster takes place is preparing.

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