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Michael and Deb are empty-nesters desiring to love the Lord their God and their neighbors as themselves in the full freedom He provides, and which they are learning is so much more than they've been taught. Michael's background and experience as a child with Catholicism was not good, and he came to Christ as an adult in 1979. His work experience has been in retail, bank and mortgage company lending and recruiting doctors and pharmacists. Deb was raised Southern and Conference Baptist and desired to be a missionary as a young person. She worked on staff at one of the largest churches in Albuquerque for 14 years. Together Michael and Deb served in a GARBC for 5 years in the late 80's in California before relocating with his job to New Mexico. Their most recent corporate church experience and service was in a very small Conservative Baptist Church for 3 years. They have had their perspective turned upside down with respect to small/large church, small group and political involvement by Brother Gregory's teaching.
My name is Steve Simmons. I was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma in 1977. I moved to Loveland, Colorado in 1992, and lived there until 2012 with the exception of four years in Olathe, Kansas. I now reside in Glendale, Colorado. I was raised conservative Christian until about the late 1990’s/early 2000’s. Then, I became a staunch Calvinist for a spell. After that time, the sterility from the left and the irrationality from the right left me in kind of an agnostic period. After a few years, I started listening to Randy Yarbrough’s radio show. One day, he interviewed a man named Greg Williams and this organization he belonged to called His Holy Church. Greg became a regular guest for some time on that show. From episode 1, I knew that this was what I had been looking for! Faith, hope, and charity that was not sterile and not irrational, but everything that I had never found in the first place with all my previous experiences. I had been studying law already by that time, so when HHC presented this other Kingdom at hand, it all finally clicked. I have not looked back since, and I hope to one day become a full-time member of an HHC order. Please contact me any time for any reason at eyesclosed at soon dot com. Your near-brother, Steve.

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