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HHC Radio Audio Files

Audio Introduction to His Church

Current Archive Audio2012

Also Sound Bites Bites

About Governments - RBN Broadcast

Warm up on BlogTalkRadio 29:08

To hear BlogTalk live and receive notices sign up as a friend and listener at

Blog Talk radio a peek at Temples and Churches

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing and good men with bad ideas.

RepublicBroadcastNetwork recorded show !coming soon!

Sabbath Blessed

Sabbath rest and Assemblies BlogTalkRadio 29:10

Sabbath of Faith on FirstAmendmentRadio 49:10

Sabbath and ways of Faith on Talkshoe 37:43

Networking the Network 25:34

Article on the Sabbath of Faith

2010 Coercive Church Article and Audio Files

The Coercive Church BlogTalkRadio 29:10

The Coercive Church, Far radio, 49min

The Coercive Church TalkShoeQandA 48:43

ARTICLE The Coercive Church
Concerning what the "Church" is or should be and what it is not.

2010 Retreat at Summer Lake

BlogTalkRadio interview at the Retreat

FirstAmendmentRadio Interview at the Retreat

Retreat Picture Gallery

A man of vision

July 3, 2010,[1]

The call of Constantine to the early Church.
The nature and the name of Christ verses mindless rituals.
The Baptism of Herod into a Kingdom?
Inspiration of faith to know the truth in service?
Standing still and Hearing the word of God.
Bondage in Egypt and Powers and politics of Pharaohs.
The arrival of Rome... invitation to adversaries vs a society of volunteers in liberty...

January 29, 2011
Blog Talk Idols and a free government and what it takes to be free souls under God.
Abortion, idols, and a free society [2]

About the Church and the Guidelines

Church Government

August 28, 2010, [3]

BlogTalk teaser seeking to lead to solutions and the Guidelines.
Money, Money. Does money answer all things. Moral path that you might have life.
Two Systems. Tents and cities?
The slothful shall be under tribute. Slothful in the "weightier matters."
Kinds of money and just weights and measures.
Privatized money and titular government or public money and public governments.
Righteous money requires righteous men. Monetary bankruptcy is the result of moral bankruptcy.

What is money 2011, November 19 Blog Talk Radio. The first half hour of 3 hours on money. [4]

There was two hours on LibertyRadiolive which will be posted here later.
More on money for an hour on the sabbath hour on freedomizer radio. [5]

Republics and Churches... the faithful and the failed...

Before you dissolve the bands that have connected you with another....

The Guidelines of the Church 1-5

Continued discussion which leads into

August 28, 2010 48:38 [6]

The call of Constantine and conforming to Christ.

False Christians, false religion and false doctrines.
The Gospel of the Kingdom is for the living.
Entangled in the world or in the love of liberty...
The structure of love and liberty within the Church or the adversaries of liberty in the world.
Choosing to give or giving up your choice?
The Church gives an alternative of choice while the world takes away choice.
Perpetual Precepts of love and liberty is found in voluntarism.
Altars of earth and stone.
Letting go of your bread casting it upon the waters and hewing the stones of the altars.
Guidelines of the Church 1-5.
Precepts upon precepts.

Continued discussion

Guidelines of the Church 1-5 with Questions and Answers

August 28, 2010 50:47 [7]

Ordination, Orders, preparing to commit, honor and agreements.
Covenants of God is with God only.
Altars and stones ... offerings of trust and witness for Christ.
Congregations and status of individuals and Churches.
Records and Identifying each other for the protection by mutual witness and the power of testimony.
Charity and the power of giving... Seeking the kingdom, not jumping ship, is a preparation for freedom.

Guidelines Review and Continued 5 - 10

BlogTalk, September 11, 2010 27:25 [8]

Straight Talk about the Kingdom which was a solution for salvation in this world and the next.
The return of the kings and the unchaining of the adversaries.
Usurpation of Kings and a revolutionary idea of individual responsibility.
Charity verses commercial contracts.
Selfishness leads to servitude.

September 4, 2010

The Road of the Churches
Councils and who came,
Some rules and problems and quorums...
New Christianity produces a new kind of society...
The true liturgy of the Church as a public servant...

Guidelines Continued 5-10 45:42 [9]

Review of the guidelines 1-5. and;
Guidelines 5 through 10 explained.
Stones of determination with sole power of determination.
Unhewn recognition of the living stones of the altar, fitting together through faith and forgiveness.
Stones of the altar are a governing body that serves instead of rules over the souls of men...

Continued discussion on TalkShoe

Guidelines of the Church 5-10 with Questions and Answers

10-9-11TS_1228295.mp3 [10]

Guidelines Continued 11 - 20

Guidelines of the Church 11-20

Guidelines11-20.mp3 [11]



Baby steps toward the kingdom.

All living creatures depend on nervous and circulation systems.

The Kingdom is a network. [12]

Living Network Index page: [13]

Find and JOIN your Local Living Network

The American States and Canada [14]

Find a local group World Map Locator:

Find a local Living Network Group around the world [15]

What is a Personal Contact Minister

What do they do? [16] Mapping the Network

A project of the chosen Contact Ministers [17]

Guidelines and Purpose

The Living Network groups. [18]

Dear Network Messages

Some messages to the Living Network groups. [19]


Banking [20]

Banking on the Kingdom

Coming soon

Ministers and Congregations

Ministers, Licensed, Commissioned and Ordained;
Congregations of Record are COR;
Status, believers; contracts and congregations;
Call no man on earth "father";
The need for more monk-keys;
Connecting the dots with kingdom thinking;
Dark ages and churchanity. [21]

The Rock

The Rock upon which He will build His Church

Part 1 [22]

Part 2, The rock of faith and private interpretations... Who do you believe?... How do you know?.. Where do you get the answers? Who will hear you if you will not listen? Rock of Christ and stone hearts? Choosing your table??? Setting it for others like Christ? [23]

The Johnson Amendment and 501c3 and what it meant and what it did not mean? Playing cards with the adversary? What is the Spirit of the Church? [24]

How do you know who is who? Who is kingdom and who is not? Who we should walk with and who we should not walk with? Who is a part of His Church?

Where do the internet networks come in? How are people fooled? What have modern Church ministers forgotten? What must we remember and do? And how do we remember?

"But the Comforter, [which is] the Holy Ghost, whom the Father will send in my name, he shall teach you all things, and bring all things to your remembrance, whatsoever I have said unto you." John 14:26 [25]

Charity and Structure

Kings and Governments

You Tell Me Speak up, iron sharpens iron if you make contact. Challenge one another.

Tour: Networking seeding

Waynesville tour stop
First Hour[26]

Second Hour[27]

Full Two Hours[28]

Charlatan and swindlers [29]

Arranging the tour-tips and ideas... [30]

Blogtalk radio:
When Christians are not Christians...doctrines of Christ or men... on His Government... on coming together in the name of Christ... forgive, give... love ... charity... public servants... the perfect law of liberty... The kingdom of God is for the doers and the faithful... servants not survivors... be the government of God. [31]

Other Recordings

The Sabbath Hour


Starting October 2011

Freedomizer shows on the Sabbath Hour

Every Sabbath at the hour of

  • 6PM Eastern Standard Time
    • 5pm Central Standard Time
      • 4pm Mountain Standard Time
        • 3PM Pacific Standard Time

We will be doing another live KEYS OF THE KINGDOM show


  • listen and chat at[33]


  • These shows will be archived at:

First show October 29, 2011 "Since this was the first appearance of Brother Gregory on this new program, the content is a fabulous introduction to what His Holy Church is all about. I encourage all of you to listen and to download the .MP3 file to share with others to bring them into awareness of the Gospel of the Kingdom and His Holy Church." Paul B in Wisconsin

Complete list ARCHIVES

Freedomizer shows on the Sabbath Hour

More recordings

8/6/11 BlogTalkRadio - Listen up! [34] The first 26 minutes are Brother Gregory’s testimony. After that they go to callers. I hope this blesses you…Paul

The Lost Kingdom

6-18-2011, The Lost Kingdom

TheLostKingdom2011-18-BrotherGregoryBTR.mp3 [TheLostKingdom2011-18-BrotherGregoryBTR.mp3]

Lord of Hosts

11-5-2011, Lord of Hosts[35]

When Christians are NOT

When Christians are NOT? [36]

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