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Three Day Emergency Pack

Storms, Floods, Fires, Earthquakes, Power outages...

There are many, many reasons that an emergency might disrupt your life and the lives of your family or community. An emergency or bug-out pack can be very helpful to assist in getting us through that emergency. Every kit may be uniquely different or designed according to your own perceptions. In designing a pack you will think about and prioritize what you see as valuable and appropriate for your level of skill and knowledge and needs.

72 Hour Kit

Food and Water

Gallon of water per day per person [Three gallons will weigh more than 24 pounds]. Water purification or filtering equipment.

Canned Juice [can be counted with water.]

Protein, Trail Mix/Granola [consisting of dried fruits and nuts]

Canned Meat, fish, or beans. [opener for cans.)

Dried breads, crackers or non sweat cereals.

Ready to Eat Meals, freeze dried pre-packed camping and survival foods.

Pickles or olives in vinegar. [Vinegar disinfects hands and throat.]


Battery Lighting, diode lights... (Flashlights, Lamps, etc.)

Rechargeable crank, pump, or shaking flashlights, solar [no batteries]


Lighter, matches, magnesium fire starter, Candles, lamp...


Pocket Knives, Multi tool like leathermen, Can Opener, Axe, Shovel

Plates, cup, containers, plastic bags...cooking utensils.

Portable cookstove, [fuel]

Radio (crank, pump, or batteries?)

Pencil, Pen and Paper, books, [survival, scripture]

Rope, strong twine, tapes like electrical or duct tape.


Good First Aid kit, customize Supplies

Toiletries (roll of toilet paper feminine hygiene, folding brush, etc.)

Cleaners, all around soap [hair, hands, body soap, injuries] , towels and cloth

Cash,Debit Card, Pre-Paid Phone Cards, [coin “substance”.]

Test, Turnover, Tailor

Test your kit on a pre-adventure trial run.

Customize the list according to every member of the family and your needs and skills.

Restock, rotating items on a regular day every year [your emergency preparedness day].

The Israelites had a Feast of Tents [also known as Tabernacles or Booths] every year where everyone in the country went camping for a week. This kept the whole nation prepared, bonded by friendship and marriages, which were born out of these family and community get togethers every year.

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