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Preparing Ourselves
by Preparing Others


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Community As we grow we hope to fill this web site and the pages with information and stories and example of the preceptsupon precept of men who taught society the foundation of good societies through out history. The operating of these precepts in the lives of those who participate will depend upon knowledge.

The knowledge shed in these pages is as important as the sharing... >>more

Nurturing Society Society is composed of people and people need to eat. Man does not live by bread alone and neither does society.

To nuture society we must nurture the body and the sould. The virtuous sharing of skills and knowledge concerning growing, preserving and providing nutritious and plentiful amounts of food will enrich the people as much as the food they produce. ...>>more

Economics The nature and means of economics and commerce of society often nurtres or drains the vitality of a society.

Understanding ideas like just wights and measures can facilitate the choices of society's members that will determine its vitality and viability.... >>more

Capsule Story Cras enim. Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Ut eu augue. Integer risus wisi, semper eu, congue quis, lobortis ut, massa. Vestibulum auctor vestibulum lectus. Vivamus neque. Cras lobortis. Aenean ut turpis eu libero volutpat euismod. Donec eget lectus vitae ligula ornare tempor. Vivamus scelerisque lorem a elit. Sed id mauris.

Nations Nations are people bound together by some form of commonality. That may be by blood, social contract or moral precepts.

The manor in which societies bind themselves together determines the nature of society as a whole. Those binding ties will make or breake a society in time of need or want...>>more

Wiki Ways This web site is about preparing you and society. There is no more important element of society than paricipation in the lives of other members of society.

Participation in this website is key because like your own society you are the builder of this site, its content and its value. Login, become a member and began to build... >>more

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